Fungie DAO

Token Distribution

Every Launched Project will have the same Token Distribution:

Token's Total Supply

  • ILO Allocations: 50% of Total Supply (50% locked for 1 week)
  • Liquidity Pool: 40% of Total Supply
  • Development Wallet: 2,5% of Total Supply (0.5% unlocked on launch with 0.5% unlocked every week)
  • Creator Wallet: 5% of Total Supply (50% locked for 1 week)
  • Fungie Partners: 2,5% of Total Supply (50% locked for 1 week)

Token's Circulating Supply at Launch

  • Liquidity Pool: 58% of Circulating Supply
  • ILO Allocations: 36% of Circulating Supply
  • Creator Wallets: 3,6% of Circulating Supply
  • Fungie Partners: 1,8% of Circulating Supply
  • Development Wallet: 0,6% of Circulating Supply
Fungie Partners are one of the categories inside Activity Farming program. In addition to their FNG Token rewards generated through Activity Farming, they are also rewarded in Launched Projects’ Tokens they are working on.
Development Wallet serves as an additional source of funding of the project and is held inside Fungie Treasury. Each week, 1% of Token’s Total Supply is unlocked and is used for further growth of the project. All the billing details must be provided to Fungie DAO members who oversee every transaction of Development Wallet.