Fungie DAO

Innovation of Activity Farming

As stated earlier, current reward systems such as active/passive yield farming are quite unfair. That's why Fungie DAO came up with new reward system - Activity Farming. Activity Farming is divided in 3 categories: Activity Farmers, Fungie Partners & Relief Bill. To get access to special groups, users connect their wallet to their Telegram account via bot. If the wallet's holdings meet the requirements, user is granted access to the Telegram group or groups. Each rank/group enjoys different benefits and gets different weekly task. Weekly tasks vary from voting, sharing, following, upvoting etc. and are monitored via application. Active users who complete required tasks earn Activity Farming rewards (1% of FNG Token's Supply every week, for 1 year). Users who sell their required holdings, or don't complete weekly tasks - get automatically kicked out of the the group or miss the rewards. This way Fungie DAO ensures that only active & invested members reap the rewards.