Fungie DAO


Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad brings together project creators & investors from all around the world to create a safe place on Binance Smart Chain. Everyone can launch their project via Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad - as long as they are transparent in their intentions and meet all the listing criteria. Launching your project or investing in project launched via Fungie DAO brings multiple benefits:

Creator Benefits

Creators are people in crypto space who possess various skills (software development, design, art etc.) and use them to create new crypto-based projects or products. If creators decide to launch their project via Fungie DAO, they enjoy multiple benefits: 1) Free Initial Liquidity - Depending on the chosen Launch Package, creators get certain amount of BNB for initial liquidity of their project. Initial liquidity will be collected through ILOs (Initial Liquidity Offerings) available to Fungie DAO members. 100% of funds from ILOs go to LP of newly launched project and will be immediately burned. 2) Free Initial Marketing - Launching your project via Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad brings you the most important part of every successful project - audience. In addition to marketing your project inside Fungie DAO community, you also reap other marketing benefits: using Fungie DAO's marketing infrastructure (Reddit posts, Telegram marketing in other groups, Upvote bots), support by Activity Farmers (Fungie DAO members who create buzz around your project and make it trending on social media such as Twitter and websites such as Coinhunt, Coingecko, etc.) & additional marketing through Fungie Partners. 3) Future Support & Funding - If DAO members vote positively on your project, you reap additional benefits of continuous marketing support, funding in FNG tokens from "Child Funding" wallet & salary in FNG tokens. Please note that voting will occur every week to encourage you to continue the good work. 4) SAFU Certificate - Since Fungie DAO supervisors are in full control of "child contracts" (unmintable & unfreezable) & burning LP, your investors don't have to worry about any malicious behavior that might occur through smart contracts. Your project will be rug-free and you'll enjoy community trust from the beginning.

Investor Benefits

Good investment decisions in micro-cap DeFi space are very hard and involve a lot of risks. Profitable investors in this space usually spend whole day searching for new projects, often without finding any legitimate projects - most of the tokens on Binance Smart Chain are scams. That's why Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad is perfect solution for average investor in micro-cap projects. 1) Save Your Time - You don't have to anymore spend your day in front of hundreds of Telegram groups, Subreddits or other marketing outlets; in search of new projects. Just turn on your notifications inside Fungie DAO's Telegram group and enjoy your day :) 2) Get What You Paid For - As long as project is under Fungie DAO's wing you can be assured that everything will unfold as promised - from marketing support to smart contract management. 3) Relief Bill - Let's be realistic, investing in micro-cap projects always leads to risk of losing portion of your investment - not everyone can always be in profit. That's why Fungie DAO created a weekly Relief Bill. If you are Tier 1-3 FNG token holder and you lost more than 50% of your investment in one of the projects launched via Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad - you are eligible to participate in weekly Relief Bill airdrop. Every week there will be 1000 FNG tokens (0,1 % of Total Supply) equally distributed among eligible Fungie DAO members. 4) Child Management - As one of the options in Launch Packages, creators have the ability to create a Community Project (led by community). Community Projects are ones that are fully managed by community but in most cases - without any funding or salary for their work. That's why Fungie DAO designed Child Management program as one of the Activity Farming programs. If DAO votes to continue support of Community Project, interested Tier 1-3 FNG token holders can apply for Child Manager position for that project (max. 3 positions per project). All Child Managers earn equal portion from 300 FNG tokens (0,03 % of Total Supply) distributed every week + tokens of project they are managing.