Fungie DAO

Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILOs)

Initial Liquidity for every launched project (this is applied for every Launch Package) will be generated through ILOs, exclusively available to Fungie DAO Tier 1–3 members. Members will be whitelisted for ILOs through variety of competitions and max. contribution per member will be capped at 0,75–2,5% of Launching Project’s Hard Cap. ILO Allocations will cover 45% of Token’s Total Supply.
Tier 1–3 members who didn’t get a chance to get into previous ILO, have advantage over other members to get allocation in the next ILO.
50% of Tokens allocated to ILO participants will be distributed immediately, while the rest 50 % of Tokens will be unlocked 1 week after Launch (at the time of NFT Giveaway and 1st Voting).
100% of BNB collected in ILO goes straight to LP, which is immediately burned!

ILO Allocations

  • Tier 1: 15% of Allocations (20 spots: 0,75% per member)
  • Tier 2: 30% of Allocations (20 spots: 1,5% per member)
  • Tier 3: 45% of Allocations (18 spots: 2,5% per member)
  • Founding Team: 5% of Allocations (2 spots: 2,5% per member)

Hard Caps

  • Bronze Package Project: 5 BNB Hard Cap
  • Silver Package Project: 10 BNB Hard Cap
  • Gold Package Project: 20 BNB Hard Cap
Number of ILO Allocation spots & Hard Caps of the project are prone to adjustments and will be voted by Fungie DAO members. This is advised to do if number of Fungie DAO members significantly increases. Preferred number of total allocation spots equals 20% of Fungie DAO members.
If one Tier’s Allocations aren’t filled, those Allocations will be offered to other Tiers.
If the Hard Cap of any Project is not filled, unallocated Tokens reserved for ILO will be burned. The rest of the Wallets’ Tokens will be also burned proportionally!