Fungie DAO

Listing Criteria

As stated earlier, everyone can launch their project via Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad - but there are certain listing criteria that have to be met first. Each Launch Package will have special criteria, but here are general criteria that every project has to meet:

Child Contract Implementation

The main requirement for launching your project on our Fair Launchpad is deployment of your project's smart contract using Child Contracts. Child Contracts have FNG-BNB LP tax fee, or FNG buyback & burn tax fee; that serve as main income stream for whole Fungie DAO ecosystem. When you apply for listing of your project, you'll have variety of Child Contract options to choose from. To expand it's roster, Fungie DAO will create new Child Contracts with different functions on a regular basis.

Fungie DAO Control System

In order to protect it's members from any malicious behavior occurred through tokenomics and smart contracts, Fungie DAO designed it's control system. Every launched project's Child Contract will stay in control by Fungie DAO supervisors, from deployment to the end of Fungie DAO's support. When Fungie DAO members vote in favor of stopping the support, supervisors renounce ownership over your contract.

5% Liquidity Generation Fee

Every project will have to apply at least 5% Liquidity Generation Fee on each transaction, that buys LP tokens of their project and sends them to dead address (burns them). This minimum requirement in order to minimize impact of potential sell from ILO participants.


Your project can be whatever you want it to be; from hype-driven community meme token to serious protocol with cool use cases - as long as you are transparent and honest. If any member of Fungie DAO notices any suspicious behavior of the project's creator, he's reporting it and further investigation takes place. If suspicion is justified, malicious creator is banned for life from ever launching again via Fungie DAO and all of his funds in Fungie DAO ecosystem are frozen.

Telegram Group Ownership Transfer

To protect Fungie DAO members and other investors, your project's Telegram group ownership must be transferred to Fungie DAO supervision team. That way we root out any possibility of negative impact caused by deletion (or other malicious behavior) of the Telegram group - which is the main discussion place of every project.