Fungie DAO


Activity Farming is divided in 3 categories: Activity Farmers, Fungie Partners & Relief Bill.

Ranking System

To join Activity Farming program and become a DAO member, there are certain FNG holding requirements that need to be met. Ranking system is divided in following 3 Tiers:
  • Tier 1: 750 FNG Tokens Requirement
  • Tier 2: 1500 FNG Tokens Requirement
  • Tier 3: 3000 FNG Tokens Requirement

Activity Farmers

Activity Farmers get simple daily tasks such as liking, retweeting, sharing, upvoting etc. on different social media platforms through application. After completion of all the required weekly tasks, Activity Farmers get access to special Telegram group where the 6000 FNG Tokens are equally distributed every week. If user doesn’t hold at least 750 FNG Tokens, he can’t access the group. This is done through implementation of bot.
Activity Farmers earn 6000 FNG Tokens every week, which equals 70% of weekly Activity Farming Distribution.
If at least 60 Activity Farmers don’t complete the weekly tasks, tokens meant for distribution get burned!

Fungie Partners

In addition to Activity Farmers, Fungie Partners is other category of Activity Farming program. This category is reserved for all the crypto marketing specialists that are already working in the industry. To stay in a Fungie Partner category, specialists need to work on at least one Launching Project a week and hold at least 750 FNG Tokens. Fungie Partners distribute 3000 FNG Tokens among themselves every week based on their subcategories:
  • Shilling Teams: 900 FNG Tokens (30% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Influencers: 900 FNG Tokens (30% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Moderators: 450 FNG Tokens (15% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Designers: 150 FNG Tokens (5% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Child Managers: 300 FNG Tokens (10% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Shill Leaders: 150 FNG Tokens (5% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
  • Marketing Bots: 150 FNG Tokens (5% of Fungie Partners Distribution)
In addition to their FNG Token rewards generated through Activity Farming, Fungie Partners are also rewarded in Launched Projects’ Tokens they are working on (with the same subcategory distribution applied).

Relief Bill

Let's be realistic, investing in micro-cap projects always leads to risk of losing portion of your investment - not everyone can always be in profit. That's why Fungie DAO created a weekly Relief Bill. If you are Tier 1-3 FNG token holder and you lost more than 50% of your investment in one of the projects launched via Fungie DAO's Fair Launchpad - you are eligible to participate in weekly Relief Bill airdrop. Every week there will be 1000 FNG tokens (0,1 % of Total Supply) equally distributed among eligible Fungie DAO members